What we have found our customers think.

Here’s some from UrbanSpoon:

urbanspoonRating  “Although they are only open for breakfast and lunch, Sunflower Café serves amazing homemade meals and baked goods. Their coffee and espresso (Saltspring Coffee) and the majority of items served are organic. Many vegetarian and vegan (like Sunflower Pâté ) options are also on the menu…”

“Positively charming little cafe! Their chicken panini is the best in town.”

From DineHere:

dineHereRating  “The little cafe has the true essence of Crescent Beach. Crescent Beach has always been a little haven for artistic folk. It’s a community that was built as a resort community with small beach cottages and lots and lots of artistic talent. This cafe captures that in it’s quaint and organic feel. Nothing is fancy…. it’s all very homey and comfortable. It’s a place where all the locals go to hang out and say hi to each other. They are open for breakfast and lunch and serve very very good homemade meals and baked goods. The coffee and most of the foods served are organic. Their muffins are the wholesome homemade kind that are nutritious, filled with grains, fruits, nuts and raisins instead of sugar and white flour/sugar. Many vegetarian options on the menu. Local artists display their eclectic paintings on the walls.

I love this place and would go here every morning if they opened a little earlier but I’m at work by the time they open their doors at nine. I hope that you guys drop in if you happen to be around Crescent Beach. It’s a great place to go to get the feel of what Crescent Beach is…… and hopefully will continue to be.”


“[The owners] hit upon the true essence of what (I believe) a café is meant to be: great service, homey atmosphere, affordable prices and most importantly, delicious, fresh, mouth-watering, I-dream-about-it food (all of which is local and/or organic at the Sunflower.)
The Sunflower is the type of place where your chicken sandwich is actually filled with chicken (roasted on-site), your vegetable soup is hearty and chock-full of veggies (not a couple beans and sad-looking carrots floating around in over-salted broth) and your mac & cheese is hot, creamy and gooey…just the way your mom makes it at home.
It’s what a café should be.

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