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ADEPT Service Stack This website discusses two new ways to protect your organization’s investments in IT development: ADEPT Space and ADEPT Sequence. Let’s start by talking about the how and why of its fit into project planning. Make that pre-planning.

For starters, ADEPT is a new approach to an old problem that should never have existed as a problem in the first place. For reasons that are interesting but do not add light, IT projects have traditionally been defined as beginning with what other industries would call the execution phase. Orderly pre-planning has been assumed to be somebody else’s problem.

Those pre-planning steps have not been picked up by the decision-makers that come up with the needs that IT projects are expected to fulfill. In most organizations, requirements for changes to IT infrastructure status quo originate at a very high level – this in spite of the fact that those ultimately affected by such changes are typically frontline staff. IT project managers only step in once a project is declared to be started (in fact, one of the most common indicators of a project start is said to be the assignment of a project manager), there is no functional space between the decision to establish a project and the start of that project.

That is where ADEPT provides both the structural space for project pre-planning and the sequence of steps to make that pre-planning as effective as possible.

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